Payment / Dispatch

Delivery and payment terms

The minimum order amount is 20,- €. For orders below 20,- € we charge a surcharge of 3,- €.

Please note that :

We will confirm your purchase by a specific e-mail.
Within the European Union, shipping costs are 13.90 €.
From an order value of 75 €, shipping costs within the EU amount to 8,- €.
Spa covers are excluded from these shipping charges.

Due to the new EU packaging regulations, we can no longer deliver to the following EU countries:
Latvia, Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic. Greece, Spain, Denmark, Bulgaria, Ireland, Portugal, Slovenia and Italy.

The following countries have different shipping costs:

Croatia : 34,90 Euro ; from an order value of 75,00 Euro = 29,00 Euro
Germany : 5,90 Euro ; from an order value of 75,00 Euro = 0,00 Euro
Hungary : 18,00 Euro ; from an order value of 75,00 Euro = 12,10 Euro
Lithuania: 30,00 Euro
Liechtenstein : 30,90 Euro ; from an order value of 75,00 Euro = 25,00 Euro
Norway : 26,00 Euro ; from an order value of 75,00 Euro = 20,10 Euro
Romania : 15,90 Euro ; from an order value of 75,00 Euro = 10,00 Euro
Switzerland : 30,90 Euro ; from an order value of 75,00 Euro = 25,00 Euro

Countries and shipping times
CountryShipping time approx.
Germany 1-3 Working days
Belgium 3-5 Working days
Denmark 3-6 Working days
Estonia 7-9 Working days
Finland 8-15 Working days
France 5-7 Working days
Croatia 9-12 Working days
Liechtenstein 7-10 Working days
Lithuania  6-11 Working days
Luxemburg 8-15 Working days
Netherlands 7-11 Working days
Austria 5-9 Working days
Norway 10-15 Working days
Romania 9-14 Working days
Switzerland 7-10 Working days
Slowakia 9-12 Working days
Hungary 7-11 Working days


Shipping to Switzerland and Liechtenstein

The goods are invoiced by us without German VAT. Customs clearance is at your expense. You must pay the bank charges when paying the invoice.

VAT treatment for supplies in Switzerland :

1) Enter a Swiss delivery address.
You will receive an order confirmation from us in which all goods are invoiced without German VAT. So you pay without German VAT. You will then have to pay Swiss VAT to Swiss customs.

2) Enter a German delivery address.
You receive an order confirmation from us in which all goods, including German VAT, are invoiced. If you export the goods and Swiss customs acknowledge receipt of the export and send us this receipt, you can deduct German VAT (currently 19%) from the transfer. With the advance payment, you receive VAT per voucher which can be exchanged for the next purchase.

Shipment of spa covers

The delivery takes place by a forwarding agency. They will call you in advance and inform you of the delivery date. You must be present on the day of delivery.

In the case of visible external damage, photograph this immediately and note this damage on the delivery note. Unpack the insulating cover immediately and inspect it for any transport damage.

Spa cover shipping costs:
The goods can only be shipped to the following countries:
- Germany: 99,- Euro
- Austria: 199,- Euro
If you wish to have the goods shipped to a country which is not listed, please contact us by email or telephone. We will then have to check in each individual case whether it is possible to ship the goods there. If this is the case, we will send you an offer with the corresponding shipping costs.

With regard to the sales packaging filled with goods for the first time by us and delivered to private end consumers, our company has joined the nationwide take-back system of Landbell AG, Mainz, (customer number: 4110220) in order to ensure compliance with our statutory obligations in accordance with § 6 VerpackV. Further information can be found at