Filtervlies aus Trilobal-Fasern

Cartridge filters consist of a special fleece. This has millions of small pores through which the water can flow while the dirt is retained. On pictures 1 and 2 we have shown you this mechanism in a simplified way. 

There are differences in the fleeces that are hardly visible to the naked eye.

A filter fleece can be woven from cylindrical fibres (Fig. 3) or from so-called trilobal fibres (Fig. 4). The advantage of trilobal fibres over round fibres is enormous: they are shaped in such a way that as much dirt as possible can settle without impairing the water flow.
Due to their shape, normal filter fleeces clog up much more quickly, which restricts the flow of water and thus the filter.
water flow is restricted and thus the filter performance drops rapidly. Clogged filters also put a strain on the pump. It has to suck in more, which increases power consumption and makes it more susceptible to defects.

The unique structure of the Trilobal fibres (Fig. 4 )additionally provides more stability than conventional filter fleeces (Fig. 3). This means that filters with the Trilobal nonwoven can be cleaned more intensively and thoroughly and do not lose their structure in the process.


Caution is advised with new whirlpools in particular. Although these are supplied with filters,
However, many manufacturers equip the whirlpools with inexpensive filters without trilobal fleece for cost reasons. As a result, the water in the new whirlpool tub can quickly become cloudy.
In this case, you should replace the inexpensive filters with new filters. Search the Internet for "Trilobal filters".

The most important advantages at a glance

  • Filters with trilobal fleece are more durable
  • They filter more dirt
  • They are more stable
  • Trilobal filters save electricity and are easier on pumps
  • The water is clearer