SpaBalancer Swimmingpool Care

SpaBalancer Swimmingpool Care
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SpaBalancer Swimmingpool is a system water care. The products Swimmingpool Care and Swimmingpool AlgaEx should always be combined.

The SpaBalancer system water care for swimming pools

SpaBalancer Swimmingpool Care and AlgaEx is a combination of two innovative products for chlorine-free water care for your pool. SpaBalancer Swimmingpool Care disinfects and cleans the water and kills bacteria, viruses and legionella, among other things. SpaBalancer Swimmingpool AlgaEx keeps the pool water free of algae and fungi - and not least protects it from the frequently occurring green algae. Both products are skin-friendly and harmless to health. And since you only need to add a few millilitres of the care products to the swimming pool once a week, our products are very easy to use.

SpaBalancer Swimming Pool Care is a new type of cleaning agent for swimming pools. It is chlorine-free, harmless to health and, last but not least, to the skin. The application is very simple and should be done weekly. Care cannot be overdosed. You can also dose the water care product with existing dosing systems.

SpaBalancer Swimming Pool Care is an electrolytic salt disinfection solution and has a very high redox potential. This enables it to kill bacteria, viruses, legionella, fungal spores and algae. SpaBalancer Swimming Pool Care has a neutral pH value of approx. 7.0, which means that the pH value of the pool water is not affected. It works at any pH value of the water, with optimum effectiveness at a pH value of 7.0 or less. At higher pH levels, the amount added should be increased or the pH of the water lowered if necessary.
SpaBalancer Swimming Pool Care works very well at water temperatures up to 30 degrees Celsius. At higher temperatures, we recommend increasing the amount added and using additional SpaBalancer UltraShock if necessary. When using SpaBalancer
Swimming Pool Care, the water does not need to be changed. Even if you stop using SpaBalancer Swimmingpool Care, you do not need to change the water.

The main advantages of SpaBalancer Swimmingpool Care are:
SpaBalancer Swimmingpool Care does not form harmful waste products in the water of your swimming pool. Therefore, you can use your pool for long periods of time without having to change the water, which is time-consuming and expensive. Swimming Pool Care is also good for your skin - our product has been dermatologically tested and does not cause any skin irritation. If there is still some of the water care product left at the end of the season, this is no problem: SpaBalancer Swimming Pool Care can be stored for at least two years. However, it should always be stored in a cool place away from light.

Add SpaBalancer Swimmingpool Care to the water once a week. We recommend a dosage of 100 ml to 200 ml of Care per 10,000 litres of water in the swimming pool. Keep the pumps running during the addition. If the swimming pool is heavily loaded by many users or if the water temperature is very high, you should increase the amounts added. You do not have to worry if you have added a little too much Care to the water: Our water care product is harmless and cannot be overdosed.
The ideal pH value of the swimming pool water should be between 7.0 and 7.5. If the water temperature is higher than 26 degrees, we recommend increasing the dosage.

During initial application, the water may become cloudy. This reaction is normal and no reason for
cause for concern. The clouding disappears after a second addition of SpaBalancer Swimming Pool Care in the course of a week. Please filter water thoroughly through the filter system and clean the filters.

Download water care instructions
You can download the short version of the water care instructions here

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