SpaBalancer Swimmingpool AlgaEx

SpaBalancer Swimmingpool AlgaEx
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SpaBalancer Swimmingpool ist eine Systemwasserpflege. Die Produkte Swimmingpool Care und Swimmingpool AlgaEx sollten immer miteinander kombiniert werden.

Die SpaBalancer Systemwasserpflege für Swimmingpools

SpaBalancer Swimmingpool Care und AlgaEx ist eine Kombination aus zwei neuartigen Mitteln für die chlorfreie Wasserpflege für Ihren Pool. Dabei übernimmt SpaBalancer Swimmingpool Care die Funktion der Desinfektion und Reinigung des Wassers und tötet unter anderem Bakterien, Viren und Legionellen ab. SpaBalancer Swimmingpool AlgaEx hält das Poolwasser frei von Algen und Pilzen – und schützt es nicht zuletzt auch vor der häufig auftretenden grünen Alge. Dabei sind beide Produkte hautfreundlich und gesundheitlich unbedenklich. Und da Sie lediglich einmal pro Woche jeweils einige Milliliter der Pflegemittel in den Swimmingpool geben müssen, sind unsere Produkte in der Anwendung kinderleicht zu handhaben.

Our SpaBalancer swimming pool Alga-Ex is a highly effective chlorine-free agent that reliably protects the water from algae and fungi. It is particularly effective against green algae (Chlorella Vulgaris).

At the beginning of the season and when refilling the whirlpool, we recommend a dosage of between 30 and 50 ml SpaBalancer Swimming Pool Alga-Ex per 1,000 litres of water. Subsequently, a weekly addition of 5 to 8 ml per 1,000 litres of water is sufficient. For small pools with a capacity of less than 10,000 litres, we still recommend the minimum dosage for 10,000 litres. This is necessary because these pools are more heavily used and therefore a lower dose is not recommended.
Make sure that the pool walls are cleaned before adding and that there are no more deposits there. For problematic swimming pools, the dosage amounts can be increased.

The advantages of SpaBalancer Swimming Pool Alga-Ex
The water care product is non-toxic and harmless to humans. Irritations of the skin or reddened eyes, which often occur when using classic chlorine products, are also a thing of the past. The typical chlorine smell, as well as other unpleasant odours, also do not occur when using SpaBalancer Swimming Pool Alga-Ex - not even the chlorine smell on the skin after bathing. Alga-Ex is twice as effective as conventional algaecides. The effect lasts for several days, so you only need to add a relatively small amount of our care product once a week. And you don't have to worry about the pH value either, once it is well adjusted: SpaBalancer Swimming Pool Alga-Ex has no influence on the existing pH value in your pool.
We recommend that you always use Swimmingpool Alga-Ex in combination with our SpaBalancer Swimmingpool Care product. It can also be combined with products containing chlorine. In case of heavy soiling and algae formation, we recommend the addition of SpaBalancer UltraShock. In this case, dose 20 ml UltraShock per 1,000 litres of water. Repeat the dosing until the water quality is perfect again.

Download water care instructions
You can download a short version of the water care instructions here.

H410 Sehr giftig für Wasserorganismen mit langfristiger Wirkung. P273 Freisetzung in die Umwelt... more

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H410 Sehr giftig für Wasserorganismen mit langfristiger Wirkung.
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