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Why should the water be softened?

  1. Hard water is prone to lime precipitation. Lime deposits in the pipes lead to deposits and biofilms.
  2. Lime deposits can reduce the service life of the heating.
  3. Hard water leads to strongly increasing pH values which can only be lowered with a lot of pH minus. The constant lowering of the pH-value costs a lot of time and is expensive.
  4. Hard water with a high pH value can lead to clouding of the water.
  5. Hard water reduces the effectiveness of water care products.


Do I need additional equipment?

Yes, we recommend the purchase of a "submersible aquarium pump" with a flow rate of 500l to a maximum of 1500l per hour. Ideally you should use the following pump with a flow rate of 600l per hour: Click here


What do I need the aquarium pump for?

The granules in the SoftWater Pads need to have water flowing through them. If the granules become saturated with water, the flow will be disrupted enormously. With the aquarium pump we force the water through the granules. Without the aquarium pump, the SoftWater Pad cannot function properly.

How do the SoftWater Pads work?

The SoftWater Pads contain a special granulate that is charged with sodium ions. In the water, the granulate releases the sodium ions and absorbs calcium ions in return. This softens the water.

How do I determine the water hardness?

Ask your water supplier. He knows your water hardness. Ask them to give you the total hardness in degrees of German hardness. Alternatively, you can determine the water hardness yourself with our  water hardness test set.

What is the ideal water hardness in the whirlpool?

The ideal water hardness is between 7 and 10 degrees German hardness. Do not lower the water hardness below 7 °dh. Water that is too soft can quickly become corrosive and the pH value does not remain stable.

How long does it take to soften the water?

The duration depends on the water hardness and the number of passes required.


Placement of the pad

It is important for a fast and effective softening of the water that the flow through the pad is good. Use scissors to cut the conical end to the diameter of the pump nozzle. Insert the connection piece of the aquarium pump into the cut end of the SoftWater Pad and fasten the pump connection piece with the enclosed hose clamp. Sink the pad into the whirlpool tub and switch on the aquarium pump.

Important: You must not use the whirlpool tub while the aquarium pump is switched on.

Lowering the water hardness

To lower 1000 litres of water by 7 °dH you need one pass (approx. 1 day). After that, the pad must be regenerated. The regeneration also takes about 1 day. You can see in the diagrams how many passes you need. If your whirlpool size is not included, take the first diagram and multiply it by the respective factor. For 1200 litres this would be 1.2 for a capacity of 2000 litres 2.0. These are approximate figures which may vary on site. You can use the total hardness test kit to measure the exact amount of a run at your site.

You cannot measure when the pad is charged or discharged. You can only measure whether it still lowers the water hardness. Use our total hardness test kit for this.

How do I regenerate the SoftWater Pad?

Take the pad out of the whirlpool and place it unchanged, connected to the aquarium pump, in a sufficiently large container with approx. 25% salt content. This corresponds to about 360 grams per litre at room temperature. Use dishwashing salt for this, as other salts have a trickling aid added. Switch on the aquarium pump and leave the pad in the salt solution for approx. 24 hours.

How should the SoftWater Pad be stored?

The pad must never be allowed to dry out, otherwise the granules will crack and become unusable. Place the moist pad in the original bag and close it.

How often can I use the SoftWater Pad?

We recommend using the pad a maximum of five to six times. The seams are not suitable for continuous use and may tear with prolonged use.

I have a water softener in the house. Do I still need the SoftWater Pad?

Yes. A domestic water softener can only soften a certain amount of water at a time, but never the amount that fits into a whirlpool. Once the target water quantity has been reached, the exchange granulate in the water softener would have to be regenerated. However, as far more water runs continuously through the water softener, unsoftened water also enters the whirlpool tub after the set water quantity.
There are softener systems in the continuous flow process which can soften very large quantities of water without interruption. With these systems, softening with our pad is not necessary.

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For softening the water

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