SpaBalancer Basic

SpaBalancer Basic
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  • SB1001
SpaBalancer Basic is the innovation that lets you keep the water in your spa clear, clean,... more

Product information "SpaBalancer Basic"

SpaBalancer Basic is the innovation that lets you keep the water in your spa clear, clean, and odorless- it is entirely organic and chlorine free. With SpaBalancer Basic, your spa water will become very soft and your skin will no longer be irritated. Skin irritation becomes a thing of the past. Your skin will keeps its natural hydrolipidic film and will not dry out. Even people with sensitive skin or neurodermatitis can once again enjoy their spa. SpaBalancer Basic alters the existing lime in the water, thus protecting the technology of your spa. The life of your spa will be considerably extended and you will save on costs for repairing calcified pumps and corroded heaters. The cushions and cover will also have a much longer life, as they are no longer exposed to the aggressive vapors of disinfectants. Instead of replacing the spa water every two to four months, by using SpaBalancer Basic, you can use the same water much longer. You’ll be protecting the environment and saving both energy and money.

The advantages of SpaBalancer Basic:

  • Extremely easy water care: just one measuring cup per week.
  • Basic maintains the natural pH of the water and works at any pH level.
  • Works with any water hardness.
  • The spa water is odorless.
  • No more lime and dirt deposits above the waterline.
  • Never apply cream again: the water is soft and skin-friendly.
  • No skin problems: no scratching, no itching, no tightness. You can even enjoy your spa if you have neurodermatitis.
  • No more red or inflammed eyes.
  • No breathing problems.
  • No more having to shower to remove the chlorine smell after using the spa.
  • Cushions, cover, and the plastic shell will no longer be damaged.
  • Frequest water changes are no longer necessary: replace water only once a year.
  • The water will remain crystal clear for 4 weeks when not in use(e.g. when on vacation) without having to add SpaBalancer during that time.
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Customer evaluation for "SpaBalancer Basic"
30 Jun 2018

You don't have to afford it, but you can - and that's better!

Since August 2010, we have had a Dimension One Whirlpool Chairman II with 24-hour filtration (an additional 2 pump runs of 30 minutes each per day). After initial problems with chlorine, we came across SpaBalancer. Today's status: clear water without any real inherent odour (i.e. slightly dry) - no residues - no deposits - no problems! To the often criticized price: Who drives a luxury car, should not complain about the consumption and price of gasoline. Those who have an expensive whirlpool should also take a back seat and think more about the benefits. If someone has such an idea (invention), which surely eliminates many skin-aggressive disadvantages, then he determines first of all the costs. But then the market determines the value: If you don't have to afford it, you can - and it's better that way! Luck up from Dorsten Barbara and Norbert Großer

26 Mar 2018

Fantastic - worth every cent

We've had a Dimension One Pool series \"@Home\" for 5 months now. Right from the start we said we didn't want to use chlorine. With the first agent of another manufacturer we "not at all" got along - always milky water and no improvement recognizable after filter change and so on. Then we came to SpaBalance via our internet research - we can only say "what a great stuff !". After we cleaned the pool completely weeks ago, put in new water and started to disinfect with SpaBalancer we have ONLY CLEAN WATER - it's every time a pleasure to lift the cover and to know you have a clean clear whirlpool water. We can only recommend it to everyone and hope that this product will be around for a long time to come. By the way, the customer service is more than perfect, easy ordering, fast delivery and especially top advice. Note: We also use the Spa Filterclean.

24 Dec 2016

Top Spa Balancer

We have now for 2 years a whirlpool of Canadian Spa Modell Winnipeq and we have always done the hard work with all the chlorine every day measure chlorine, PH, and the other Alka ... as that is called. Additives yes or no or a little, bathing and walking out smells like chlorine. Since May 2012 we have been using SpaBalancer and we are thrilled, no more smell of chemicals or anything, always clear water, especially soft water and only once a week a small amount tipping over and that's it. We are very happy with SpaBalancer because it is so easy to handle, we won't take anything else anymore. We would also like to thank the Aqua Whirlpools team for the great advice and everything else. We will and would like to recommend it to everyone, even when small children swim in the pool, without chemicals is splashing around more fun. Greetings from Silke and Uwe

20 Jun 2015

Great stuff

SpaBalancer may not be the cheapest, but at the moment it is probably the best recipe to keep the whirlpool as simple and clean, odourless and well-kept as possible for as long as possible. The water is super pleasant, smells fresh and invites you to bathe every day. In addition, the numerous water changes are reduced to a minimum! Great invention!

26 May 2015

Simply a great product

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