Filter Sundance 6540-476, Pleatco PJW60TL-OT-F2S, Darlly 60605, Unicel 6CH-961, Magnum JP961

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  • F1102
trilobal seal
All Aqua Whirlpools filters are equipped with a Reemay® brand fleece. This means that the filters can absorb more dirt and have a longer service life. More information about Reemay® fleece can be found here.
High Flow Core
Inner core specially designed for whirlpool filters to achieve maximum flow and therefore higher filter performance.
Similar to Sundance 6540-476, Pleatco PJW60TL-OT-F2S & PJW60TL-2A, Darlly 60605, Magnum... more

Product information

Similar to Sundance 6540-476, Pleatco PJW60TL-OT-F2S & PJW60TL-2A, Darlly 60605, Magnum JP961 Whirlpool Filter 

Length 390 mm
Diameter 165 mm
Filter Area in Square Feet 60
Filter Area in square Meter 5,6
Top: handle  
Bottom: fein thread 61 mm

Besides the Sundance number 6540-476, the Pleatco PJW60TL-OT-F2S filter has a similar OEM part number. This number is 6541-383.

Replace these filters:

Pleatco PJW60TL-OT-F2S
Darlly 60605
Unicel 6CH-961
Filbur FC-2715
Magnum JP961
Sundance 6540-476
Armstark 6540-476


Whirlpool manufacturers using this type of filter
  • Whirlpool manufacturer
    • Whirlpool Series
      • Whirlpool Model

  • Armstark
  • Jacuzzi
    • Jacuzzi J-300
      • Jacuzzi J-355
      • Jacuzzi J-365
    • Jacuzzi Premium
      • Jacuzzi J-300
      • Jacuzzi J-400
  • Sundance Spas
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Our filters are exclusively brand filters of the manufacturer Magnum from New Zealand. They are manufactured with the high-quality filter fleece from REEMAY®. Through direct purchasing in large quantities we can offer you very attractive prices. You receive high-quality products that have a very good filter performance, are easy to clean and thus increase the service life of your pumps and reduce electricity costs. Filters should be replaced after 12 months of filter life, as the filter fleece decreases over time.
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Filter cleaning with FilterClean Natural Whirlpool filters consist of a special fleece. These... more

Filter cleaning with FilterCleanNatural

Whirlpool filters consist of a special fleece. These are fabrics that can absorb a lot of grease and dirt. For proper cleaning, the filter must be placed in a warm cleaning solution with FilterCleanNatural for one night and rinsed thoroughly the next day. We recommend a special filter flosser for this purpose. SpaBalancer FilterCleanNatural was developed to remove fats from the fabric. In addition, it also contains a peroxide (active oxygen) that oxidizes biofilms and has a bleaching action, preventing the filter from yellowing. In addition, FilterCleanNatural eliminates unpleasant filter odours that would otherwise diffuse into the spa water. It is important that the filter is cleaned at least every two weeks and more frequently at the beginning. In case of water problems you should always start with clean filters and increase the filter life from 6 hours minimum to 8 hours or more.

Required products

Filter cleaner, filter flosser/ garden hose, container (e.g. bucket), optional SpaBalancer UltraShock.

SpaBalancer Filter Flosser
SpaBalancer Filter Flosser
Content 1 piece(s)
€39.90 *
SpaBalancer FilterClean Natural
SpaBalancer FilterClean Natural
Content 0.95 kilogram (€28.32 * / 1 kilogram)
€26.90 *
SpaBalancer UltraShock
SpaBalancer UltraShock
Content 1 liter
€46.90 *

Step 1

Fill the bucket with hot water (approx. 55°C) and then add half a measuring cup (50ml) of SpaBalancer FilterCleanNatural.

Step 2

Place the filter in the bucket. The container must be large enough so that the filter is completely under water. Leave the filter in the cleaning solution for at least 12 hours.

Step 3

Rinse the filter with a filter flosser. First you should hold the flosser vertically and rinse the filter once all around. Then hold the flosser horizontally and repeat this procedure until only clean and clear water comes out of the filter.

Step 4 (optional)

For even more intensive cleaning, place the filter in a bucket with 10 litres of water and 20 ml of UltraShock for an entire night. In this way, the filter is cleaned thoroughly and the remaining biofilm is removed with the bacteria.