Cover - Insulating cover whirlpool 221 x 221 cm

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Qualitätsstufe dieser Abdeckung: Deluxe 12,5 cm - 7,5 cm thick - Suitable for outdoor installation.

Weitere Eigenschaften unserer Lagercover:

  • Schürze: 100 mm Länge
  • Strapse: 200 mm Länge (zzgl. Schloss)
  • Dichte des Schaumkerns: 1,5 lbs


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Wir importieren keine Abdeckungen mehr. Daher können Sie auch keine Maßanfertigungen mehr bestellen. Wir verkaufen nur noch Isolierabdeckungen, die wir im Lager haben. Die Lagermodelle finden Sie hier Isolierabdeckungen auf Lager

Definition: Spa Cover - Why is the pool cover so important?

Covering and insulation is the most important element of your spa. The energy needed to heat the water of an uncovered or poorly insulated spa will have a direct impact on your wallet.

Our Whirlpool Covers are equipped with a heat seal over the entire length. This means that virtually no heat is lost. Our Spa Covers have a foam core with a density of 1.5 lbs and an aluminium U-profile for reinforcement. The foam core is sealed airtight with 2 layers of plastic film (double wrap), so that no moisture can penetrate. The covers are equipped with handles.


Please measure your whirlpool in length (A), width (B) and radius (C).
Length and width are given in cm, the radius in mm. Read below to find out how to measure the radius correctly.
If your whirlpool dimensions are not included, you can also have an individual cover made. All information can be found in the order form.


Our covers are folded to A by default.

So Messen Sie den Radius Ihrer Whirlpool - Abdeckung
Bild 2: So Messen Sie den Radius Ihrer Whirlpool - Abdeckung
Measuring the radius

Take a folding rule and place it at right angles to the curve of your spa. The radius is measured from the beginning to the end of the rounding. In our example, the radius is 20 cm or 200 mm.


Cover - Farben

Die Farben der hier gezeigten Cover Bilder können geringfügig von den tatsächlichen Cover Farben abweichen und dienen lediglich als Veranschaulichung.


Our covers have a standard thickness of 12.5 cm to 7.5 cm (Deluxe). If you need a thinner or thicker insulation, we can have your cover made individually for you. Other thicknesses are 7.5 cm to 10 cm (Classic) and 10 cm to 15 cm (Ultimate). 
For an individual cover please use our order form

Materialstärke Type "Classic"

Classification: Good - Suitable for indoor installation, conservatories, under closed roofs and for less cold areas.
Insulation cover reinforcement with 2 lb foam upgrade option: suitable for normal snow load.

Whirlpooldekking Type "Deluxe"

Indeling: Beter - Geschikt voor buitenmontage. Deze isolatie bieden wij standaard aan.
Versteviging van de isolatieafdekking met optie 2 lb schuimverbetering: geschikt voor hoge sneeuwbelasting en lopen op de afdekking (kinderen en huisdieren)

Materialstärke Type "Ultimate"

Classification: Best version - Suitable for outdoor installation. Ideal for high snow loads in the mountains. Reinforcement of the insulation cover with the option 2 lb foam upgrade: suitable for very high snow loads and walking on the cover (children and pets).

2 lb Foam Upgrade

Our standard insulation covers are manufactured with a density of 1.5 lb. This corresponds to about 42 g/ cm³. Depending on their size, these covers weigh between 25 kg and 35 kg. With the upgrade to 2 lb, the density increases to around 52 g/cm³. The foam becomes about 25% denser. You get a better insulation, your cover is more stable and about 20% heavier. A whirlpool cover with 2 lb of foam can withstand children, pets and snow without damage.

The right cover for snow

With this amount of snow you should choose the Deluxe version with 2 lb foam upgrade. You can select the upgrade in our order form.


Our covers are equipped with U-profiles for reinforcement. These U-profiles are invisibly embedded in polystyrene. This is very important because 1) they cannot damage the film and the vinyl coating and 2) they cannot fall out.

The edges of the polystyrene cores are additionally reinforced so that the profiles cannot slip out and so that the polystyrene cannot be pressed in so easily at the edges.

The U-profiles and the reinforced edges are standard on all our covers and are already included in the price.

Split Corners Apron

Optionally, you can have your cover with divided corners on the apron. You will find this option in the order form.

Skirt with special size

The skirt is a very important part of an insulating cover. Without a skirt, the cover would not insulate properly and a lot of heat would be lost. Skirts with a standard length of 100 mm (10cm) are already included in the price of our covers. Optionally, we can also have a skirt made to measure for you. You will find this option in the order form.

Straps with special size

Our covers are equipped with sturdy straps as standard. Each strap comes with a lock that can be attached to the whirlpool. The standard strap length is 200 mm (measured from the cover). Optionally we can have different ropes made for you. Please fill out the order form.

What is a "Double Wrap"?

With the "Double Wrap", the inner polystyrene core is double-wrapped in PVC film. With the standard cover, the polystyrene core is only shrink-wrapped in one layer of PVC film. The inner core of the insulation cover is made of polystyrene. However, polystyrene can absorb water vapour and thus lose its insulating properties. When the polystyrene core absorbs water vapour, the water in the polystyrene core condenses and it becomes very heavy and loses its thermal insulation properties. In other words, your insulation is gone and your electricity bill is sky-high. 
To prevent the absorption of water vapour, the polystyrene core is shrink-wrapped in a PVC film. Unfortunately, chlorine vapours and ozone gas from the whirlpool ozonator are very aggressive. They decompose PVC and make it brittle. This can happen in as little as 6 to 12 months. To provide the longest possible protection against this decomposition, the double wrap is already included in all of our covers.


Sehr häufig saugen sich die Styroporkerne mit Wasser voll. Sie werden schwer und sie isolieren nicht mehr. Der Grund hierfür ist die Folie in die sie eingeschweißt wurde. Durch aggressive chemische Dämpfe wie z.B. vom Chlor, werden die Weichmacher aus der Folie herausgelöst. Dadurch wird sie brüchig und der Wasserdampf kann sie durchdringen. Der Wasserdampf dringt in das Styropor ein und kondensiert dort. 
Es gibt jedoch noch eine technische Lösung die viel besser ist. Der Aluminium-Wrap. Beim Aluminium-Wrap wird die Folie durch eine Aluminiumfolie ersetzt. Das Aluminium enthält keine Weichmacher und kann deswegen von den Chlordämpfen nicht zerstört werden.  Zusätzlich reflektiert das Aluminium Wärmestrahlung und verbessert somit die Isolierwirkung des Covers. Optional erhältlich.
Diese Option ist für runde Cover nicht erhältlich

Continuous heat protection pillow

Heat protection pillows are attached to the fold of the cover and are important for a good insulation of your whirlpool. Our Whirlpool Covers are equipped with continuous heat protection cushions as standard to provide the best possible insulation.

Many insulation covers do not have a continuous heat protection cushion. This means that a lot of heat is lost, especially at low outside temperatures, and you need to reheat your spa more often.

The continuous insulation keeps the heat reliably in the whirlpool and you need to reheat much less. The continuous heat protection cushion is already included in our covers.

Cover without continuous heat protection cushion
Cover with continuous heat protection cushion
Approx. 10 cm long cushion

Double reinforced folding joint

Most insulating covers start to break early on at the hinged joint, where the load due to their own weight is at its greatest. For this reason, our insulation covers are always provided with a double layer and double stitched artificial leather. This increases the service life of the insulation cover. In addition, we supply our Whirlpool Covers with wider hinged joints than usual. This prevents crushing of the cover by any cover lifter. If the folding joint is too narrow, it can quickly tear at this point.

All our insulating covers are fitted with wide and double-sewn hinged joints as standard and are already included in the price.

Simple, narrow folding joint
Double reinforced, wide folding joint
Narrow folding joint
Wide folding joint
Squeezing on the cover by Cover Lifter
No squeezing thanks to wide folding joint

Sturdy handles

Our Whirlpool Covers are equipped with two wide and sturdy handles as standard.

Conically shaped

Our whirlpool covers are conically shaped. This allows snow, rain and other precipitation to flow off easily.

Why conical and not straight?
With straight covers, the water can't drain properly and runs into the spa instead. This can even cause the spa to overflow. In addition, puddles can form on the cover, which means additional strain on the insulation cover. If the temperature drops below zero, the water on the cover may freeze and damage it.
With a conically shaped cover these problems simply disappear.


All information on delivery and shipping costs can be found here Shipping and payment conditions

Disposal of the old cover

Do you dispose of the old cover upon delivery? 
Does this cost extra money? 
Unfortunately we can't take the old cover with us because the delivery is done by forwarding agent. However, you can remove the inner cores through the zipper in the insulating cover. They are made of polystyrene and are relatively easy to cut. The remains can then be easily disposed of with household waste.

FAQ- häufig gestellte Fragen zu Whirlpool Abdeckungen

Wie lange ist die Haltbarkeit der Abdeckung mit einfacher Umwicklung (Single Wrap), Double Wrap oder Aluminium-Wrap?

Da können wir Ihnen keine belastbare Antwort geben. Es ist abhängig davon wie viel Chlordämpfe vorhanden sind, welches Chlor Sie verwenden und wie viel Ozon in der Luft unter dem Cover ist. Generell wird Double Wrap doppelt so lange halten wie das Single Wrap weil es zwei Lagen Kunststoff hat. Das Aluminium Wrap wird noch länger halten weil es aus einer Lage Folie und einer Lage Aluminium besteht. Das Aluminium ist nicht so anfällig auf Chemikalien Dämpfe wie Folie.

Welchem Schaum entspricht unsere alte Abdeckung

Wir nehmen an, Sie haben 1,5 lbs (amerikanische Dichteeinheit). 1,0 lbs wird nur bei sehr billigen und schlechten Isolierabdeckungen verwendet. 1,5 lbs ist Standard und am meisten verbreitet. 2,0 lbs wird eher selten verwendet. Es hat 25% mehr Dichte als 1,5 lbs. Damit isoliert es 25% besser, hält 25% höhere Belastungen aus (bei bodenbündig eingebauten Whirlpools können auch mal Kinder oder größere Tiere darauf herumlaufen). Es wiegt aber auch 25% mehr und belastet damit die Nähte stärker.

Wie lang ist die Lieferzeit?

Wir haben viele Cover bei uns im Lager. Diese Cover können wir sofort liefern. Bei Bestellungen kann es bis zu 3 Monate dauern bis der Container das Werk verlässt. Das ist abhängig von der Jahreszeit und der Nachfrage. Weitere 6 Wochen dauert die Schiffsreise bis nach Hamburg. 

Länge: 221 cm,  Breite: 221 cm,  Radius: 225 mm Dicke: Deluxe 12,5 cm - 7,5 cm,... more

Product information "Cover - Insulating cover whirlpool 221 x 221 cm"

Länge: 221 cm,  Breite: 221 cm,  Radius: 225 mm

Dicke: Deluxe 12,5 cm - 7,5 cm, Double Wrap, Dichte des Schaumkerns: 1,5 lbs

Round / Square: Square
Qualitätsstufe: Deluxe
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